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Vision/mission of destiny foundation

Our Vision started 2014 in the Netherlands to support and inspire new immigrants in the Netherlands to be productive and ethical person.

The Mission of Destiny Foundation in the Netherlands is socializing immigrants with the host community in various activities such as sport, organizing workshops, voluntary jobs and guiding them with appropriate education and career by working together with different organizations like sport clubs and state of department.   (check our activities page)

                 Vision/mission of
destiny foundation for african youth

Destiny Foundation vision in the home country is to see a young generation motivated, empowered, will impact the home land to aspiration for improved socio-economic transformation to achieve their long-term objectives and define their own uplifting vision.  

The Mission of Destiny Foundation for African Youth in Ethiopia works to improve the livelihoods of youth and their families by creating network, sustainable jobs to transform them responsible adults in their own community and for their own country.


Creating voluntary work is also our mission to build a strong nation who stands for each other.  

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