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Almere from 2015

Destiny Foundation started implementing the activities mainly focused at socialization of new immigrants; that includes their interest and needs.

Socializing them with host community in various activities such as;

  • Sport  

  • Guiding with appropriate education and carrier

  • Organizing Workshops

  • Voluntary work

  • Computer lessons.

By working together with Sport Clubs and the state department of the City.

Covid years Ethiopia

Debreberhane 2024

Because of ethnic conflict displacement was reality, thousands of women left behind with their children, many of them forced to run away from their villages, food insecurity, disrupted livelihoods.  

Destiny Foundation is still active in Debre Berhane to facilitate daily bread as well as self sufficiency.

For example;

Creating work by equipping them to start small businesses like shoe polishing for teenagers and coffee, snack corners for mothers to let them take care of themselves and people around them, even if the recent situation required just daily food.

Destiny Foundation were twice around those people.

On the 13th March-2020, Ethiopia reported the first confirmed case of COVID19 subsequently, COVID 19 emergency declared in Ethiopia.

At this critical situation Destiny Foundation  decided to work in partnership with Love Children and Mothers (LCMO). 


In the same month, the entire mothers and their families able to receive: food package rations, essential materials for prevention of COVID 19 and money for house rents on monthly basis.  

Many thanks LOVE CHILDEREN AND MOTHERS ( LCMO) for giving us a chance to help the poor mothers with their children in those difficult time by working together. 

Many thanks for generous individuals, living in the Netherlands in progress on donating to reverse the poor family situation.

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