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Welcome to Destiny Foundation 


The challenges and needs in Ethiopia are vast and deeply rooted in poverty. However, acknowledging these issues without action won't lead to change.

Destiny Foundation and SCC began with a vision to support the most vulnerable individuals in Ethiopia, offering them ongoing, permanent assistance. These individuals, including the elderly and bedridden who lack any means of support or income, often find themselves forced to beg near religious sites and on the streets. This initiative started by assisting eleven such individuals, aiming to provide them with the help they desperately need.

Seeing the daily crisis in Ethiopia is painful, but ignoring it when we have the means to help is inhumane. Imagine if the small amount we spend on daily coffee or transportation could transform lives.

By sacrificing a small part of our leisure expenses, such as coffee money or birthday celebration costs, we can make a significant impact. This small contribution can bring joy and hope to those in need, changing their lives from despair to laughter.

We at Destiny Foundation invite you to join us in making a difference. You can help by donating money, materials, medical supplies, and more. Your contributions will support the elderly, the sick, and the disabled, enhancing their lives and bringing them joy and blessings.

We promise to keep you updated with honest reports on the impact of your generosity.

                                                    Thank you for your support.

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Take your own action to be with                  those people. 

Do one thing today.

Go with us to reach these             people by donating. 

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